We have nine avenues that have a key role in the functioning of the club. All the avenues conduct different events which are unique to them.

About Avenues

The avenue is lead by Rtr Soham Sanghvi and Rtr Tania Awatramani. The events held under this avenue are designed to form and build stronger bonds amongst the club members.

Some of the many events conducted by them include Scavenger Hunt, Skribbl night, Movie night, Dodge ball on the beach.

Giving back to society is one of the core aims of RCTSEC and community service led by Rtr Dhruvi Sarvaiya and Rtr Ishan Saksena is the avenue that is at the centre of it. One of the flagship events falls under this avenue, The Open Mic. This event is held each year to showcase talent and raise money for different charities and NGOs. One of the other events held includes Spreading A Smile, an initiative to have young kids from various NGOs make cards that were then distributed to people in old age homes.

Growth and becoming a better person through introspection and acquiring different traits is exactly what this avenue is about. Rtr Aaryamonvrikram Singh our Entrepreneurship and Professional Development Director has made this possible by hosting events like Go Big, Go Solo, Entrepreneurship Empowerment Programme and Fintelligence, all these events help in financial as well as professional growth.

Rtr Vedant Agarwal leads international service, the avenue that encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and peace. Few events held under this avenue are World Chocolate day, World Yoga Day, Women’s Equality day and many more. There are a lot many events coming soon under the same!

Physical, as well as mental fitness, are important and Rtr Vedant Agarwal makes sure this is achieved through our sports department. Our flagship event, Futsal comes under this avenue and has been a crowd favourite since forever. A few events held so far are the Chess tourney, a successful event for those who want to show their expertise in chess and win against all odds as well as Battle of the Branches, an intra-college event to have a healthy football knockout style event amongst different branches of the college.  The Fantasy Premier League comes under this avenue too and puts the participants in the role of a Fantasy manager, points are decided upon the teams made and a winner is announced every gameweek.

Our PR and Marketing form the backbone of this club and help to provide us with the funds and a great opportunity for the club to execute the big plans they have for Rotaract Year. This avenue is handled with perfection by Rtr Gunjan Sharma, Rtr Eshan Kadam, Rtr Ronit Malhotra and Rtr Shreyans Jain.

Our Digital Communication Director, Rtr Rachit Arora handles this avenue with the utmost excellence. He makes this avenue a great platform for everyone to showcase their talents in different fields. Some of the events under this avenue are Chitrakaar, a theme-based poster making competition as well as Through the Lens, a photography contest.

Social media is a big part of today’s world and Rtr Aayush Vetkar uses his prowess in the same to help the club grow and reach as many people as we can. His along with his very capable GBMs have executed campaigns like Pledge to Go Green impeccably. This campaign focused on getting people to opt for eco-friendly Ganesh Idols, because the onset of Ganpati Chaturthi in September. The Quiz is an ongoing series where contestants think and fight it out in while viewers learn some trivia and laugh out some with some of the absurd questions. Episodes are released fortnightly on YouTube.

Our editorial avenue is handled by Rtr Noynica Ahuja and Rtr Aayush Vetkar who help people show their flair in writing and literature using different mediums. They are responsible for events like “What If” which was a short story competition, as well as The Golden Sparrow, our very own newsletter.