Team 2021-22

Rtr Disha Ramchandani and her team for R.Y. 2021-22 are responsible for the functionality of the club. This team consists of six core team members as well as thirteen Board of directors who are individually responsible for nine different avenues. They are also responsible for creating a conducive environment to work optimally and produce the best results.

Core Team

Disha Ramchandani


Disha is an absolute joy and blessing to everyone who comes into her orbit. She brings authenticity, truth, compassion, strength, determination and wonderment – everything a good leader offers.

Gaurav Advani


He believes that it’s not over when you lose but it’s over when you give up.He thrives for exponential growth and that’s where he is going to lead this amazing team.

Varun Bathija

Immediate past president

Varun is a force of nature, multifaceted, unflagging in his zeal and so full of zest. He is quick-witted, fiercely loyal, always welcoming everyone with a big, warm heart.

Soham Sanghvi

Vice-President & Sergeant at Arms

Problem solver extraordinaire Soham is highly disciplined, goal-oriented, purposeful and persevering.

Aakriti Sharma

Joint Secretary

Aakriti’s strong skill sets include her impeccable writing of the highest quality and public speaking. She’s fearless ,ambitious and a born leader

Prithvi Jadwani


Prithvi always strives for knowledge and is intrigued by Financial Markets and Technology. He has an outgoing personality and being around people gives him an adrenaline rush.

Juzer Sangotwala

Human Resource Development

He loves to spread happiness and cracks dumb jokes to make people smile.He believes that the work we put in has a higher value than the outcome of the said work.

Board of Directors

Soham Sanghvi

Club Service Director

Problem solver extraordinaire Soham is highly disciplined, goal-oriented, purposeful and persevering.

Tania Awatramani

Club Service Director

Tania is vivacious, ambiance, and a charming person. She takes challenges head-on with her warm and gregarious personality.

Ishan Saksena

Community Service Director

Ishan is suave, punctiliously polite, good humored and supremely affable. He has many loveable stray friends and has been working with Paws Hunger.

Dhruvi Sarvaiya

Community Service Director

With her positve and quick on the feet thinking, Dhruvi comes into our team as the Community Service Director.

Eshan Kadam

PR & Marketing Director

Eshan is disciplined, dedicated and determined to thrust RCTSEC in an upward direction.He’s the epitome of patience and he’s excited to join RCTSEC for this year.

Gunjan Sharma

PR & Marketing Director

Gunjan describes herself as the paragon of tenacity and ingenuity. She’s highly expeditious and has a solid work ethic and attitude.

Shreyans Jain

PR & Marketing Director

Shreyan’s ‘Never Give Up’ attitude, magnetic charisma and power packed personality make him a quintessential candidate for this position.

Rachit Arora

Digital Communications Director

Rachit Arora, always curious about new stuff to make his life more interesting with his warm hearted, fun loving and talented mindset

Aayush Vetkar

Social Media Director & Editorial

Aayush with his blend of creativity, fun, and ingenuity will always makes sure that the room that he’s in is always full of life.

Noynica Ahuja


Noynica is delightfully piquant and has a pernicious affinity for anything before the 21st century. She’s an literature afficionado and an absolute delight to work with

Vedant Agarwal

Sports & International Service Director

Vedant is one of the most engaging, high-spirited and assiduous people you’ll ever meet. You will find him congenial, yet forthright and unwavering in his determination.

Aaryamonvikram Singh

Entrepreneurship & Professional Development Director

AVS is talented, strong-willed, and resourceful. He loves being out of his comfort zone and learning new things.