Team 2022-23

Rtr Aakriti Sharma and her team for R.Y. 2022-23 are responsible for the functionality of the club. This team consists of eight core team members as well as fifteen Board of directors who are individually responsible for ten different avenues. They are also responsible for creating a conducive environment to work optimally and produce the best results.

Core Team

Aakriti Sharma


Aakriti is a leader by example, here to boldly steer the team to great heights. Her primary motivation is her hard work. Her exceptional public speaking skills and unblemished expositions are some of the many feathers in her cap.

Rachit Arora


He’s friendly, outgoing, and constantly eager to meet new people! He has a real knack for photography. He dexterously organizes his time to balance his various pursuits.

Ria Chandiramani

Vice-President & Sergeant-At-Arms

Ria is the perfect mix of kindness, energy and chaos, with her warm and cheerful attitude she faces obstacles front on. She’s the personal therapist you didn’t know you needed.

Meeraj Kanade

Joint Secretary

Meeraj Kanade is always up for new experiences and his optimistic outlook makes him the perfect leader and companion. He is a headstrong hustler on weekdays and by weekends, he’s a mellow guitarist.

Vivaan Mansukhani

Joint Secretary

Vivaan puts his heart and soul in everything he does. He loves capturing the beautiful essence of his surroundings through his photography. He is a national level swimmer and aspires to continue his growth and success in the coming years.

Disha Ramchandani

Immediate Past President

Disha is sharp in her work and pleasant in her interactions with her teammates. Her diligent and lively personality only enhances her work ethic. Her experience of 3 years with RCTSEC is most certainly an uplifting guiding light for us all.

Raghav Nair

Human Resource Development

Raghav has a lifelong passion for athletics, particularly cricket and football. This Messi fan excels in every field there is. Those who work with him will find him pleasant, yet frank and steadfast in his purpose.

Parth Dharmale


Parth’s keen understanding of finance and thorough disposition offer him an advantage over others. He has an uncanny ability for precision, which is evident in his work. His upbeat and easygoing persona makes him everyone’s favorite.

Board of Directors

Pratham Motwaney

Community Service Director

Pratham is sophisticated, very courteous, and amicable. He has been a volunteer with Street Trails, an animal protection non-profit. He is a boxing and horse riding aficionado and a fitness fanatic.

Arnav Malvia

Community Service Director

Arnav is a goal-oriented student and strives for perfection. He believes in expanding his knowledge base on a day-to-day basis. Sharing responsibilities, contributing ideas and being an active listener is his forte.

Yash Shah

Public Relations Director

Yash is an extremely fun-loving and compassionate person with a million ideas on how to help others around him. He is a smart and kind individual who understands everyone in a blink. He is always willing to take on new challenges.

Vishal Banik

Club Service Director

A people’s person, Vishal is cheerful, approachable and very friendly. He is consistently exploring and trying to learn new things. He has an unwavering attitude, many inventive ideas, and great devotion to his job.

Pranay Sidhwa

Club Service Director

Pranay is an enthusiastic, extempore person who is always down for an adventure. His dexterity makes him talented in any kind of sport. His creative ways and friendly demeanor are assets for all of us.

Atharva Maskar

Entrepreneurship and Professional
Development Director

Atharva is passionate about competitive programming and takes up thought provoking challenges. He has immense knowledge about Fintech startups, and is a Kunal Shah and Nithin kamath Fan.

Bhagyesh Aher

Marketing Director

Accomplishing the goals with perfection is Bhagyesh Aher’s main agenda. He propagates the saying that either do it with passion or don’t do it at all. His strong commitment towards his work makes him a perfect team member !

Tamanna Ahuja

Marketing Director

Every word of praise is a little less for Tamanna Ahuja. Being extremely poised and graceful, Tamanna endorses a wide array of brands. A very organized Tamanna passionately handles all her undertakings. She’s a cheerful and straightforward person with a “Now or Never” attitude.

Omkar Pathak

International Service Director

Omkar is a trekking and travel enthusiast who loves partying and Shaan-era bollywood. He enjoys Playing the guitar in his pastime, and tries to stay as organized as possible.

Aditya Patil

Sports Director

An unusual combo of a fitness freak, crazy, emotional, and spiritual : Aditya is intrigued by Financial Markets and Technology and doesn’t stop learning. He is an athlete who engages himself in various physical and adventurous pursuits.

Varun Nagdev

Sports Director

A happy-go-lucky person by nature, this personable lad doesn’t fail to tilt heads in every direction he goes. An all-rounder, not only does Varun participate in a multitude of activities like badminton, football, cricket, video games but also excels at them all.

Vishakha Kukreja

Social Media Director

The girl who brings thoughts to reality and emotions to all our graphics. She is truly determined towards delivering her best to the world. Vishakha brings to our team a unique blend of creativity, charm, and brilliance.

Sara Ghosalkar

Editorial Director

Sara is dedicated and passionate, you’ll never see her miss a deadline. With her quick-witted and adaptive sense of humor, she can seamlessly blend into any social setting. Her energy is unmatched when one matches her wavelength.

Veer Pariawala

Digital Communications Director

When it comes to creativity, art, and designing, Veer is the go-to guy. He is very imaginative, and has a unique perspective to look at the simplest of things. He is always *really* on the ball and loves his work.